Top 5 Must Read Books of 2017

When looking for some of the top reads for the year, one only needs to look at the New York Times best seller list. This list is updated weekly. Though books that are good sellers will stay in this list for a long duration of time. When currently looking for the top 5 books for the year 2017, an avid reader will notice some popular authors leading the way. Authors such as John Grisham, Dan Brown, John Sandford, Stephen King, and Tom Hanks. The authors notoriety alone will bring people to read their book, let alone them being in the top 5 best sellers.


When looking at these top 5 books individually, one will find a broad range of topics, something to suit everyone. Starting at the bottom of the top 5 list for the week of November 12, 2017 we find Tom Hanks with Uncommon Type. At the time of publication, this book has been in this spot on the Best seller list for 2 weeks. The academy award winning actor has compiled seventeen short stories. Each short story incorporates a typewriter somewhere within it’s content. With Hanks, having such a fun loving personality, surely his writing will reflect this and keep his audience amused and entertained. Broadening his horizons from acting into writing. One can only look forward to more publications from such a beloved actor.

Bestseller number 4 is written by, long standing, top selling, horror writer, Stephen King. With his book titled Sleeping Beauties. This book has been in this slot for 4 weeks. The brief description states, that the women in the story who fall asleep become shrouded in cocoons, while the men of the story end up battling one another. Stephen King is an author who always keeps the reader on the edge of their seats with many twists and turns. While King, is known for horror writing, some of his novels can run on the border of science fiction as well, appealing to both crowds with his writing.

Third on the list of the New York Times Bestsellers list is Deep Freeze by author John Sandford. This murder mystery is based in Minnesota, with an investigation by the main character into a bank presidents death. While maintaining it’s position on the bestsellers list for 2 weeks, it’s sure to hold solid going into the winter months. While equally as good of an author as the other two mentioned, his name is not a household name when it comes to authors. Breaking on to the bestsellers list, will be sure to change that.

Number two on the bestseller list has been in it’s position for 2 weeks. Award winning author Dan Brown with Origins, has produced another solid, good reading book. With a common theme within Dan Browns books, of symbols and symbology, Brown stands true to form. With a symbology professor going for a love interest of a museum director. With history and romance merged into one common read, this book is sure to appeal to many. Brown with previously published books, has had movie adaptations made, bringing his name and writing ideas to millions. When one sees Browns name on a new novel, that alone will attract them to wanting to read his newest work.

Lastly, at position number one, The Rooster Bar by John Grisham. First week as of this week in November Grisham has produced another top selling book. Known for many crime novels, Grisham stays true to form with this novel. This time with law students, trying to expose a student loan banker who runs their for-profit law school. Grisham shows consistent will researched writing in all his novels. Bringing in a student aspect, as a form of crime investigation, will be a great change of pace to his previous works of writing.

Whether you are in the mood for mystery, horror, history, or something short and sweet such as short stories, there is something for everything on the New York Times Bestseller list for 2017. The closer to the top of the list, usually, the more well known the author, and a guaranteed good book you will find. This list covers all genres of writing, and usually all adult reading levels. Making it a go-to for all. Though, any position or author on the list is sure to bring a good reading book, or they wouldn’t have made it onto the list in the first place.

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